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The official company’s website states that CCG Mining was founded in 2016, which makes it a relatively young company that still has to prove its reliability. It was obviously founded at the peak of the crypto craze, when everyone was eager to invest in any project that featured the word ‘blockchain’.

The company’s slogan is “We make it easy for our customers” which is quite appealing and, at the same time, uninformative. Their central office is located in London and the representative offices in Warsaw (the actual address is indicated on the website), as well as Russia, Latvia, Austria, and the Czech Republic, though there is no information regarding those offices.

Based on the information from their website, CCG Mining cooperates with two data centers which are situated in the Polish cities of Warsaw and Gdansk.

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CCG Mining declares a very ambitious goal of building the highest hashing power in Europe, which is as appealing as it is doubtful since they don’t have any partnership deals with large providers of mining equipment, at least they don’t indicate such information on the website. They promise to deliver great mining services while adapting to the ever-changing demands of the cryptomarket – plenty of generic phrases which do not disclose any real plans regarding the means of reaching such goals.

Unlike many other crypto mining services, CCG Mining actually discloses information about people who stand behind this company. Judging from their homepage, the CCG Mining team consists of young professionals from Poland and Ukraine, though there is no detailed information about their educational and professional background.

The links to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages are not working, but you will be able to find an interview with Michal Kwiecinski, the CEO and the advisor at CCG Mining, on YouTube and make your own conclusion about his competency in the area of cryptocurrency mining and the overall potential of CCG Mining.

Company address:


CCG International LTD
85 Great Portland Street
W1W 7LT London

United Kingdom



ul. Dzialdowska 11
01-184 Warszawa, Poland
NIP: 7010425093

Algorithms and Coins:

For SHA256: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
For Ethash: Ethereum
For Equihash: Zcash
For Lbry: LBRY Credits
For CryptoNot: Monero
For X11: Dash
For Scrypt: Litecoin

Services Provided

The CCG Mining marketing team claims that the company is dedicated to the development of a revolutionary product for their B2B and B2C customers which will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology without ‘getting their hands dirty’ with complicated technical and maintenance issues.

Well, upon closer look at their offer, it turns out that it is quite appealing and ambitious but surely not much of an innovation. So, CCG Mining offers the following services:

Development and maintenance of specialized data centers. However, they do not say whether the data centers they use for the actual mining were developed by them, or are they cooperating with the already existing centers. Nevertheless, the assembling of data centers, especially using someone else’s funds, is something that every respectable mining company should be capable of doing. revie

Building high-tech servers for cryptocurrency mining. Once again, a necessary service, though there is a bit of a scarcity of information about their server-assembling practices or technical equipment used for such servers. There is a section called “Equipment We Use” at the bottom of the webpage, which shows that they choose Nvidia, AMD, Intel, ATI, and Bitmain for these purposes, but, yet again, this information is not detailed enough for a progressive cloud mining service that CCG Mining claims to be.

And finally, the company offers cloud mining contract for the most in-demand cryptocurrencies. The list of cryptocurrencies available for mining includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, and LBRY Credits, which is a bit weird because the last coin can hardly be placed in the category of ‘popular’ ones as it is ranked 219rd on coinmarketcap, and has a relatively small capitalization of only $42 million.

All in all, CCG Mining has a decent list of services, but there is hardly any concrete information about them, just sonorous titles.

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

CCG Mining offers two types of contracts for Bitcoin cloud mining: the 1-year contract and the open-ended indefinite contract. Each of these contracts contains 5 sub-types:

  • Mini: $14.99 for 100 GH/s in 1-year contract and $24.99 per 100GH/s for an open-ended contract.
  • Starter: $44.99 for 200 GH/s in the 1-year contract and $82.99for the same amount of GH in the open-ended contract.
  • Advanced: $418.99 for 3500 GH/s in 1-year contract, $701.99 for 3500 GH/s – open-ended contract.
  • Pro: $2959.99 – 25000 GH/s in the 1-year contract; $2979.99 for 15000 GH/s – for an open-ended contract.
  • The last one is called ‘Custom Plan‘ for 1TH/s which costs $214.99 (1-year contract) and $359 (open-ended contract).

Each Bitcoin contract offer includes maintenance fee of $0.00034 for GH/s per 24h/1 year.

Apart from the cloud mining contract, the Pricing section of the website also includes such offers as Mining Rigs and VIP packages.

Within the framework of the first offer, you can purchase your own mining unit that will mine the cryptocurrency of your choosing. The prices of such rigs vary from $3810.00 to $11839.00, depending on the capacity of its ‘stuffing’. It should be noted that this section is one of the most informative on the entire website, as it contains the detailed description of each rig, from the motherboard to the hashpower. It seems that CCG Mining places a particular emphasis on this area of their business operations.

The VIP section features the startup packages which generally allow you to become a part of the company by investing either in the mining rigs or the data centers. The fact that the members of the CCG Mining team prefer to meet with their potential VIP investors in person plays in company’s favor.

All prices:

Bitcoin cloud mining price:

  • $10.99 for 100 GH/s
  • $45.99 for 400 GH/s
  • $1990.99 for 25000 GH/s

Ethereum cloud mining price:

  • $13.89 for 1 MH/s
  • $410.00 for 30 MH/s
  • $1340.00 for 100 MH/s

Zcash cloud mining price:

  • $27.99 for 20 H/s
  • $349.99 for 250 H/s
  • $3700.99 for 2600 H/s

Monero cloud mining price:

  • $46.99 for 60 H/s
  • $769.99 for 1000 H/s
  • $2279.99 for 3000 H/s

Dash cloud mining price:

  • $27.99 for 5 MH/s
  • $549.99 for 100 MH/s
  • $2719.99 for 500 MH/s

Litecoin cloud mining price:

  • $25.99 for 2 MH/s
  • $616.99 for 50 MH/s
  • $2279.99 for 200 MH/s

Go to User Experience

CCG Mining should be given the credit for the marvelous design of their website. The interface is quite user-friendly and it is easy to navigate through the website.

The landing page contains all basic information about the company’s mission and their contract offers. Review

All in all, the website offers fairly pleasant user experience and shows that the CCG mining team works hard on the marketing side of things.

✔️ Advantages:

Well-developed website.

Lucrative contract offers.

Variety of contracts.

❌ Disadvantages:

Plenty of generic information.

No proof of cooperation with reputable companies.

Overall Conclusion

CCG Mining displays the potential for becoming a popular provider of cloud mining services, given that they will create a detailed roadmap, provide more specific information about the members of their team, and improve their social media presence and information space in general. Review

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