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Cryptotek positions itself as a company that conducts the real-life activity. It takes its roots from the British company called TEK that was founded in 2012. This company provided consulting services in the field of information technology to clients from all over the world. Review

Cryptotek was created in 2016, as the division of TEK. The main objective of Cryptotek is to become a noticeable player in the crypto market and develop its own cryptocurrency. In October 2016, the decision was made to expand the geography of company’s operations, which led to the creation of Cryptotek Corporation, a subsidiary company located in the United States.

The company’s head office is located in Maryland, USA, and you can also find all legal information about Cryptotek at the official website of the Wyoming state (you can find the link on the website, in the About Us section). The list of legal documents includes the certificate of incorporation, the certificate of good standing, the registration in the Federal tax payment system, and the verification of website’s security and authenticity.

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Moreover, Cryptotek will send a paper version of the contract that confirms your investment in this project. In other words, Cryptotek is as transparent and law-complying as it gets in the crypto business.I

n 2017, the company merged with the American holding corporation BTP, and now it actively works in 191 countries of the world. Currently, they own mining farms that are located in the Netherlands, the United States, and Hong Kong. The company’s slogan is, “Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower”, which contains a strong message that Cryptotek always tries to be ahead of the competition. Review

However, we will not sign high accolades to this service because there are certain issues which could be improved, such as the lack of detailed information about the members of Cryptotek team, as well as the elaborated roadmap of future developments. It is quite obvious that the company has a bright future, but it is of utter importance to get the users acquainted with the company’s plans and prospects.

Cryptotek’s website features more generic phrases than specific information. For instance, they inform that by the end of 2020, they plan to launch two public projects, but do not give even the slightest hint about the nature of these projects. Today’s users and crypto enthusiasts are really demanding, they want more personal approach and assurances of the future prospects. Cryptotek should definitely work on these issues.

Company address:

100 International Drive MD
Maryland, 21202

Algorithms and Coins:

For SHA256: Bitcoin, Peercoin, Namecoin
For Scrypt: Litecoin
For Ethash: Ethereum
For CryptoNot: Monero
For X11: Dash

Services Provided

Cryptotek operates in the following three areas of business:

  1. Cloud mining of such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Peercoin, Namecoin. They also actively use their own token called CRT. Cryptotek promises 15 to 17.5% of monthly profits. The minimal investment amount is $10. The profits from mining are calculated in real time.
  2. Online trading on Cryptotek’s own exchange. This type of activity is actually more profitable that cloud mining due to the high volatility of every cryptocurrency. Cryptotek insures its clients against possible losses by creating a special fund that is based on deduction from every profitable trade. The average profitability from trading on Cryptotek is 17.1 to 26.3% per month. The payments are conducted on a weekly basis. The minimal investment is $100.
  3. Deposits and investments. The latest business feature of Cryptotek which allows their customers to invest in promising start-ups and Cryptotek itself. All deposit-makers are entitled to the fixed interest which makes Cryptotek something similar to an investment bank. The estimated monthly profitability is 21 to 30%. Payments are conducted on the monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. The minimal amount of investment is $1000.

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

Those who have decided to invest in Cryptotek cloud mining will be able to mine seven cryptocurrencies which were listed above. Since the mining of these coins is conducted via different algorithms (SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethash, CryptoNight), Cryptotek decided to introduce their own token which is called CRT.

This token is used for purchasing hashing power. Basically, the more CRT you have in your wallet, the faster the mining process. You can purchase the hashing power for mining any of the listed cryptocurrencies at any given moment. Therefore, if you have enough CRT, you can mine several coins at once or switch between coins and mine the one that seems more appealing to you at the given moment of time.

Cryptotek does not offer any mining plans, your profits depend solely on the amount of your initial investment. For instance, $100 investment (in Bitcoin) will bring you a monthly profit of $15.9, and the yearly profit of as much as $190.8, which amounts to 90% return on investment. There is no information about maintenance or any other mining-related fees on the website.

Apparently, these fees have been already included in the profit forecasts.

Cloud mining services offered by Cryptotek is surely safe, it has decent profitability and the mining system itself is comprehensible even for those who were never involved in cloud mining before.

Bitcoin cloud mining price: Review

Litecoin cloud mining price: litecoin roi profit

Ethereum cloud mining price: ethereum roi profit

Peercoin cloud mining price: peercoin roi profit

Namecoin cloud mining price: namecoin roi profit

Monero cloud mining price: monero roi profit

Dash cloud mining price: dash roi profit

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In general, Cryptotek leaves a fairly positive impression on a fledgling as well as on an experienced crypto enthusiast.

The company has a well-designed website which may be complemented by the information about people who stand behind the company. Nevertheless, Cryptotek has a really responsive and helpful support team that works tirelessly to resolve any issues that may arise in the process of mining or other financial operations. Review

Cryptotek also has good partnership and affiliate programs that may provide you with additional income.

✔️ Advantages:

Reliable service.

Multiple options for reinvestment.


❌ Disadvantages:

Not enough information regarding team members and future plans.

Overall Conclusion

It is safe to say that Cryptotek is one of the most reliable cloud mining services in the industry. It is transparent, it is profitable, it is secure, and it is beginner-friendly.

Cryptotek managed to create not only an interesting concept of cloud mining service, which is centered around company’s own token, it also developed the entire financial ecosystem that really has a promising future.

So far, Cryptotek is among the top cloud mining services. Review

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