Hashflare.io Review

General information about Hashflare

Hashflare was founded in Tallinn in 2014. It has been providing cloud mining services since 2015.

The techonology is powered by the HashCoin team that is dealing with blockchain solutions and hardware, and they have already produced thousands of ASIC miner devices for producing different digital cryptocurrencies.

Considering the fact that Hashflare collaborates with Hashcoins, they will be able to use the newest blockchain technology that can ensure continuous developing of new mining hardware. Company is able to finance all innovations from its own fund, though there are also investors who provide funding to existing startups.
Hashflare.io Review

Two entrepreneurs in digital sphere from Estonia founded this company. One of them, Ivan Turygin, has a great experience in cryptocurrencies and also holds a Business Administration degree.

He is also the CEO and founder of Burfa Capital consultation agency based in Estonia. Sergei Potapenko is another founder of Hashflare, and he also got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tallinn Technical College.
Hashflare.io Review

Except for Hashflare he has a company with a different profile. It is called Siberian Timber and it imports redwood pine for the UK market.

Due to the fact that all Hashflare miners are located in the modern, hi-tech facilities with moisture and temperature regulation, this company can ensure maximum hashpower capacity without the danger of overheat.

Company address:

HashFlare LP
Company number SL024271
44/46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh
Scotland, UK, EH10 4BF

Coins and Algorithms:

For SHA256: Bitcoin
For Scrypt: Litecoin
For Ethash: Ethereum
For Equihash: Zcash
For X11: Dash (Out of Stock)

Services Provided

Hashcoin provides the equipment that can be used for running Scrypt, SHA256, Ethash, Equihash and X11 algorithms. Contract time is available from 24 hours until lifetime accesses, and only Ethereum and Zcash contracts have the length, which is maximized in 1 year.

The client account will show the cloud mining results right after the payment confirmation, and the first payout will be received 24 hours after the mining of the first block is completed. There is a possibility for the clients to choose from the withdrawal methods. They are available in credit cards, bitcoin and wire transfers.

The term of mining contracts from Hashflare ranges from one day to unlimited time. If you are a Hashflare client, you can use its services for as long as you want to, because there is no time limitation. Hashpower can be allocated by the users directly to the mining pool where they want to serve in.

Hashflare clients are able to reach the most profitable combination of cloud mining activity, since it is possible for them to join any mining pool they want. After that, according to the PPS method, the whole amount of cryptocurrency is distributed among the Hashflare clients based on the share they bought.

You will be asked for the residence country and the birthdate, and also for the user name and the password when registering. This data will be required in case the account is compromised in some way. In addition, you can expect some detailed, real-time statistics about the mining activity provided from Hashflare.

Hashflare.io Review

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

Since there are 5 different algorithms provided by Hashflare, each cryptocurrency has different pricing. There is an opportunity to start cloud mining with just a $1.20 investment.

Usually, all fees here are based on hashpower, and also a certain maintenance fee which is based in the supplied hashpower during a 24 hour window is applied. Those users who mine such cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Zcash or Dash, do not pay any maintenance fees, since the maintenance fees are only applicable for SHA256 and Scrypt mining.

Though it should be noted that the contracts for Zcash, Ethereum and Dash are available for 1 year only. Zcash cloud mining is possible only on a limited basis nowadays, since the mining activity here is maintained until it is profitable for the clients.

Here are the prices for cloud mining which are expressed in the form of minimum hashpower provided:

Bitcoin cloud mining price: 0.6$ per 10 GH/s

Litecoin cloud mining price: 1.8$ per 1 MH/s

Ethereum cloud mining price: 1.4$ per 100 KH/s

Zcash cloud mining price: 1.40$ per 1H/s

Dash cloud mining price: 3.20$ per 1MH/s

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There is a maintenance fee of $0.01 for 1MH/s litecoin hashpower and also $0.004 for 10 GH/s bitcoin hashpower that is charged by Hashflare on a daily basis after every single long mining period that lasts for 24 hours.

Clients are not billed with these maintenance fees since those are deducted from the results of mining at daily payouts. Hashflare provides the daily BTC/USD exchange rate, and the fees are deducted in bitcoins then based on this rate.

The company has an opportunity to accept wire transfers in EUR and USD, but do not forget that there is also an extra 10 EUR commission fee on all purchases below 50 EUR. There are other accepted payment methods like Mastercard and Visa, but for these a 3000 USD limit per daily purchases is applied.

In order to protect customers there is a 14 day holding period on those accounts where you purchase the hashpower with credit cards. During this period clients just cannot withdraw the accumulated digital currencies that they have mined. On those accounts where the hashpowers are purchased from bitcoin the payouts appear right away.

If you are a Hashflare client you will be able to withdraw only beyond the minimum set for bitcoin at 0.005BTC and for ethereum at 0.1006ETH.

Hashflare.io User Experience

It is as easy as ABC to navigate through HashFlare.io website. One can find all necessary information about the services that are offered by this company on the landing page.

Hashflare.io Review

User-friendly interface attracts a lot of clients, but what they especially like about Hashflare is the low initial cost of the cloud mining. From time to time, some issues may arise of course, but the support team deals with them pretty effectively.

Helpdesk is operated through Zendesk platform itself, there’s no need to worry about all issues.  Although the FAQ section does not contain a lot of prewritten questions, it has those that are asked more frequently. Also, there is search functionality here, and thus users are able to find the solutions they need much faster.

They care a lot about the security at Hashflare, and so for DDoS protection the CloudFlare services are used here. It is also recommended for users to use two factor authentication. This company respects its clients and that is exactly why this website is translated into 11 languages like for example English, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and so on, for those pages could be read in the mother tongue of a visitor.

✔️ Advantages:

Low prices

Quick reinvestment

No hidden fees or comissions

❌ Disadvantages:

1-year contracts

A commission fee is charged by the company in case of wire transfers

Minimum Bitcoin withdrawal amount is 0.050568 BTC

Overall Conclusion

Hashflare can boast a very reliable hardware background that HashCoin supplies. The cloud mining they offer allows for five different cryptocurrencies to be produced.

Hashflare have very profitable 1-year contracts for Litecoin and Bitcoin.

So, if you don’t really want to invest a lot of money, Hashflare will be the best option for you to try cloud mining, since their minimum plan is starting from only $1.20

Hashflare.io Review

Although the cloud mining at Hashflare on a large scale can be very expensive, due to the fee structure that they provide.

Go to HashFlare.io

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