Hashnest.com Review

General information about Hashnest.com

Thanks to the Hashnest cloud mining platform it is possible to take part in the process of bitcoin mining without the need to maintain and invest in the mining hardware equipment. BitMain Technologies can guarantee the 99.9% uptime due to the equipment provided.

Due to the fact that the plans are starting from 1 GH/s, there is a possibility for the clients to choose the amount of investment they want to spend.

According to the information provided, Hashnest has been providing their services in cloud mining sphere since 2014.

BitMain Technologies is their parent company and also it can boast being one of the biggest bitcoin mining rig developers in the world, as well as a producer firm where ASIC chip technology is actively used.

Hashnest.com Review

Antminer rigs that are used for bitcoin mining process are constructed exactly here. Their headquarters is in Beijing, China, but there are also offices in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Shenzen and Chengdu.

Chinese investors founded BitMain Technologies, the parent company behind Hashnest, in the beginning of 2013. Wu Jihan, who is one of its founders, can be rather often seen at different events dedicated to bitcoin, and he can always answer the questions raised online and offline. He used to be an investment manager at a Chinese investment fund, before he joined the cryptocurrency business.

Hashnest.com Review

The cloud mining equipment presented at Hashnet consists of the Antminer series mining rigs, naturally from S3 to S9. It is also possible to buy pre-owned Antminers for your own needs.

Visitors of their website are able to see a lot of nice photos of a well-built cloud mining farm in a warehouse. There are from 8 to 10 racks of miners there, and it seems this company is running their cloud mining business on a large scale.

Company address:

BitMain Technologies, Building 25, North Olympic Science & Technology Park,
Haidian District, Beijing, China 100029.

Coins and Algorithms:

SHA256: Bitcoin

Services Provided

What this platform offers its clients is an inexpensive and quite efficient way to start bitcoin mining without the need to purchase mining equipment.

BitMain provides the network where you can easily trade and transfer the purchased hashpowers. Thus, you are able to buy the hashpowers from a customer who wants to sell it or directly from Hashnest.

Anyways, always there is a chance to find some gainful bargain opportunities.

It is easy to track the results of the cloud mining activity thanks to the BitMain wallet. Having downloaded a specialized application from Google Play or Apple Store you will be able to reach your wallet anytime and anywhere.

Hashnest.com Review

By default, every Hashnest miner is directed to AntPool. Though this pool is a member of the BitMain company, users can choose another pool according to their wish.

As Hashnest claim, their clients have got a lot of benefits when using PACMic (Payout Accelerate Cloud Mining Contract). You don’t have to pay electricity fees, and there are rolling payouts based on each block found.

Hashnest provides its clients with a new cloud mining service, which is called PACMiC. There’s no need to pay a maintenance fee after the mining activity, since BitMain bears all the responsibilities for paying all electricity and other costs associated with mining. But on the other hand, all mining profit is used to pay back the PACMiC contract.

The mining remains profiting to the buyers until the principal is paid back. After that the bitMain corporation will own the revenue of the mining rigs. The profit can be calculated according to the following formula:

Unpaid principal (BTC) * 0.45 (satoshis per BTC per second) * time to find a block (seconds)

Hashnest.com Review

All mining results are usually paid out based on PPLNS method, which stands for pay per last N shares. But you have to remember that under this particular payout method all coins that you receive from the cloud mining partially depends on simple luck. So as it turned out the amount of cryptocurrency earned through PPLNS is usually higher on the long run compared to the traditional PPS payout.

Also, if you are a client of Hashnest, you can buy pre-owned mining equipment online, since it is offered here. Usually they ship the equipment from China.

If the maintenance costs are more than 90% of the mining profit due to the falling of bitcoin price, contracts at Hashnest enter into a redemption period until the mining brings you revenue again. No payouts are usually made during this period.

If you sign a cloud mining contract at Hashnest, it will not have a time limit. Such contracts are terminated only after the redemption of a miner or after the end of a redemption period.

Hashnest.com Review

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

You can buy a cloud mining contract at Hashnest starting from 1 GH/s. Although it is a little bit hard to find a pricing schedule without registering on the Hashnest website.

In the Contracts section you can find 6 TH/s mining power offered at a price of 1 BTC under PACMiC. For those who are planning to sign up for standard contracts, the Antminer capacity is offered for $1699 with a maintenance fee of $0.21/TH/Day.

Hashnest.com Review

They sell 1 PACMiC contract for 1 bitcoin, and it consists of 6 TH/s hashing power. Once you pay in full for the contract, it becomes active. There is a possibility to see the nicknames of those users who purchased hashing power last time under the PACMiC contracts. Users have to wait until the other users fill up the contract with their payments for the earning revenue could be started, and also take note that 1GH/s is the lowest possible amount to be purchased from the PACMiC.

There is a possibility to transact the hashpower on the ANTS9 gigahash exchange. No need to have a centralized body to buy or sell mining power, and that is a unique opportunity. Transaction fee of 0.15% is charged on each trade by Hashnest, and that is what the seller of the hashpower pays. The hashpower transactions are completely free for the buyers. Thus, it is possible for the new clients to transact the hashpower on the ANTS9 gigahash exchange.

You have to pay a maintenance fee to BitMain until the principal is repaid at Hashnest under the PACMiC contracts. There is a maintenance fee of 0.075 USD/kWh and a fixed price for electricity to be paid. One can consult the Bitmain’s platform to get to know how much electricity was used for every mining rig. CoindDesk provides the official exchange rate of bitcoin and based on that the fee is deducted daily at the same time as revenue payouts.

Hashnest.com Review

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Hashnest.com User Experience

Since it was a team of professionals who designed the Hashnest.com website, one can easily find here all information related to signing up for cloud mining services.

Hashnest.com Review

BitMain professional Service Desk is the place where their helpdesk is directed to, and pay attention that it is always open to respond to all possible issues raised.

If you are a beginner trying to find your way in the world of digital cryptocurrencies, it can be really difficult for you to understand this unique feature that the Hashnest cloud mining contract has.

There is a FAQ section on the website, where they try to answer most of the questions that the visitors may have. Though it is understood that those answers are written for those who deeply realize how everything works in the crypto-world.

✔️ Advantages:

Hashrate trading possibility.

Possibility to buy mining rigs.

Absence of maintenance fees.

❌ Disadvantages:

BitMain passport is needed for registering on the most of the website.

It is not easy to understand PACMiC contracts and payouts since they are complex.

Only bitcoin cloud mining is available, no further altcoins are supported.

Overall Conclusion

But once the terms of service are understood, Hashnest cloud mining can be a great opportunity for bitcoin mining without hardware equipment but still earning decent revenues upfront, soon after registration.

Hashnest offers its clients the cloud mining services, which are brought with the BitMain mining rigs, a well-known brand in the world of digital cryptocurrencies. Due to their complex nature, the mining contracts are designed for the experienced miners of bitcoin.

But as soon as you understand the terms of service, cloud mining with Hashnest can become a perfect chance for bitcoin mining without hardware equipment. But you will still have a good profit after the registration is completed.

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