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When the idea to create a smarter and faster way to lease or rent cryptocurrency mining rigs appeared, the Mining Rig Rentals company was founded. Newbies to cryptocurrency as well as expert miners who long to try out new equipment or algorithms may have different motivations behind renting a rig.

At MiningRigRentals one is able to find a perfect solution for anyone.

Mining Rig Rentals is the service that has been created by the miners and for the miners. February 2014 is the date when the domain of was registered. The company website has been active since April 2014.

Those who own this service describe Mining Rig Rentals as “the eHarmony of the mining community” and state on their Twitter page that New York City is their address. But there is not enough information about the company that is available online. Review

On the other hand, Mining Rig Rentals has been successfully providing their services to this market for 3 years already, and that makes it seem to be a reliable and legitimate service provider.

Company address:

New York City, USA

Algorithms and Coins:


Services Provided

A unique marketplace for rig owners and cryptocurrency rig renters is provided by

They believe their service can be compared to an escrow service, where all transactions are made as smoothly as possible between different counterparts.

A 3rd party mediator of transitional funds is the role of Mining Rig Rentals in case there is some sort of discrepancy between what you paid for and the things you received. Review

Services For Rig Rentals

When a user decides to rent a rig, as a rule there are several reasons for that. Those who only start getting experience in the world of cryptocurrency mining can learn by trying to use different hardware and algorithms of mining.

People who are more experienced in mining are able to test new mining equipment before they invest in hardware or they can try new algorithms when a new altcoin gets on the market.

You have to choose the algorithm of the coin you want to mine and then filter the results in order to start. After that you are able to review those mining rigs that can be rented. Such tools as an average hashrate graph and an elaborate rating system can be available to renters thanks to Mining Rig Rentals. When the rig, which you need is selected, just follow the instructions on your screen to make the payment. And then input the number of hours you want to rent the mining rig for. Continue by clicking “Rent”.

You will be able to enter up to five total pools thanks to the next page. The pool you want to mine at right away should be entered in the first pool #1 spot. It comes to pool #2 and #3 when the proceeding pools of choice fail, or become unavailable, thus these pools are back up pools. That is just another way to be sure that you will start mining right on a coin launch. The rental process is finished when “Instant Pay” is clicked on.

As soon as everything is confirmed, the chosen mining rig will switch to the pool of your choice automatically.

It should be noted that it is impossible to switch algorithms after the rental period is started. The owner of the rig you rented has already configured the device to mine a specific algorithm. You can contact the rig owner any time you want but please remember that Mining Rig Rental will not be able to switch your payment amounts and totals once processed.

Benefits For Rig Owners

There is a great possibility for the owners of a cryptocurrency mining rig to benefit from some potential revenue if they rent out their right with the help of Mining Rig Rentals. If you are successful in mining, just go on and find out if that would be of good benefit for you to let someone rent your mining rig. All you need to do is just price your hardware accordingly and earn a little something by renting out your rig.

Usually, when someone rents out your mining rig, their only ability is to direct the hashing power you have to a pool they chose. You are able to control your hardware and mining configuration files all the time. takes care of additional protection, which is why one more layer is added through the specialized bouncer connection.

After the rental is completed, all payouts are held up to 12 hours. This timeframe allows for dispute resolution in case it is required. As a rule, after 12 hours you are able to get your payout since it is ready for disbursement. On the “Balance” page you can find a manual payout button. Both Auto-payout thresholds and your payout address should be set on the Settings page.

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

Both sides of the deals are charged by Mining Rig Rental. Renters are charged 2% fee on rental transactions, and usually this kind of fee is not refunded unless those cases when the rig malfunctions completely. Also, please take note that Mining RigRental has an additional fee of 3% and it is usually charged on each transaction. review

When you sign up for a mining rig, there several aspects that you have to take into account. They are hashrate, rental performing index, profitability and also minimum and maximum rentable hours. As a rule the minimum rental period lasts from 3 hours to 1 week. When it comes to the maximum rental hours, they can go up to one month.

Here are the rental prices of those of the most popular mining rigs:

  • Antminer S9 for Bitcoin mining producing 12.5 Th/s hashrate with 100% rental performance index in the past cost 0.00019499 BTC Price/TH/Day.
  • Antminer L3 for Scrypt mining including Litecoin 98.85% rental performance index and 1.20GH/s hash rate costs 00000374 BTC Price/MH/Day.
  • X11 custom rigs start from 0.00004900 BTC/GH/Day.

There is also a possibility to find what you really need, since they offer different mining rigs for the algorithms that are less known.

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One can easily use Mining Rig Rentals, since its platform is very intuitive. The design of the company website is not that fancy, but there is all information that is needed for the rigs renting. Also, there are some video tutorials, which will help you navigate on the platform and to go through the services with ease.

Thanks for watching!

The company has been providing its services for three years now, but their users never complained about the services provided.

Nowadays, the platform can offer you 400+ available SHA256 rigs, 500+ Scrypt based rigs and 200+ X11 rigs for renting.

A very appealing referral system is offered at Mining Rig Rentals. They pay out commissions after each transaction is completed with 0.1% of the total transaction.

When the renters and rig owners use your referral link and are referred to MRR, this is applied to both of them. You will get a total of 0.2% for the transaction where a renter and a rig owner that are referred to you have this rig leasing deal.

Your earnings potential has no ceiling. When the referred account fully completes a transaction, you will continue to earn 0.1%.

✔️ Advantages:

It is possible to rent P2P rigs from miners.

Free pool selection.

Tutorials available.

❌ Disadvantages:

Fees are too high.

Need to understand how mining works to participate.

Payments by cryptocurrency only.

Overall Conclusion:

Mining Rig Rentals is another interesting solution for miners and users, where the former can offer their equipment to rent, and the latter are able to engage into lease agreements expecting a good profit.

There are more than 30 algorithms offered on the platform, and also associated rigs they can choose from.

If you are planning to try out new equipment before investing into hardware, then Mining Rig Rentals is exactly what you need. Review

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