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What is NeoScrypt

NeoScrypt is the next generation proof-of-work algorithm designed to replace Scrypt.

It consumes less memory than the latter yet is more memory intensive and stronger cryptographically. Combines power of Salsa20/20, ChaCha20/20, BLAKE2s and FastKDF into a secure ASIC resistant solution. It isn’t some kind of Scrypt-Jane or Scrypt-N or whatever.

NeoScrypt Cloud Mining

General informatin of NeoScrypt

NeoScrypt is a further development of Scryptas described in Percival. It is aimed at increased security and better performance on general purpose computer hardware while maintaining comparable costs and equirements.

The Scrypt core engine has no provisions for key stretching or compressing as well as salting, therefore additional cryptographic functions need to be deployed. In case of cryptocurrencies, a typical configuration operates with 80 bytes of input data (block header) which is also a salt.

It is passed to PBKDF2, a password based KDF capable of deriving variable length keys with salting. It works with SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function delivering digests up to 32 bytes in size through 64 internal rounds. It doesn’t support keyed hashing, therefore a pseudorandom function (PRF) such as HMAC is required, and the whole big endian construction may be called PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256.

It feeds r*128 bytes of derived data to the Scrypt core and receives it back after mixing to be used as a salt for another BKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 run which compresses 80 bytes of input data into 32 bytes of hash.

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