Terabox.me Review

General information about Terabox.me

Cloud mining contracts for bitcoin are available since November 2014. There are some pictures on the Terabox website that show the mining farm. One is able to see the mining rigs, which are organized in a server room, but the equipment is not visible in any picture.

terabox review

It is interesting, but there’s no background information about the company owners, founders and location available. It is known that the registration of the domain was done through Privacy Inc., and they value the privacy of their clients a lot. It is very strange that they do not provide any useful information about the company, since it is very hard to become successful in the market where the trust is valued so much and the clients do not know what they invest their money in.

If a client chooses Terabox, he gains access to the most efficient and the easiest way of bitcoin mining in the cloud. Many people would like to try its services, since Terrabox offers free trial and competitive prices. Clients shouldn’t worry about the issues with the mining hardware when they choose the cloud mining services provided by this company.

No need to bother with the hardware upgrades, or shipping costs upon equipment purchase, and also no tax or customs issues anymore. Heat and noise that are caused by the cloud mining will not bother you any longer, and no electricity costs are applicable. However, the clients of Terabox are able to benefit from everything that the cryptocurrency mining can provide.

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Coins and Algorithms:

For SHA256: Bitcoin

Services Provided

It is very easy to sign up with Terabox. Users simply provide their login credentials and the account is created immediately. Once the hashpower is purchased, the mining rigs start earning profits to the clients right away. It is up to customers to decide whether they want to keep their earnings on the account, or reinvest into further hashpower.

Terabox.me Review

Monitoring the market rates Terabox promises to offer the lowest prices available comparing to its competitors. If you want to see the real time results in a transparent and user-friendly way, then the live account dashboard will show you that, and thus the clients are able to be on top of their earnings every single day.

It is not possible for the users to select mining pools at Terabox cloud mining company. This is justified by the fact that they have developed software that is able to choose the mining pool, which earns the most, so it can be more profitable for the clients.

The expiring term of the cloud mining contracts at Terabox is 5 years and it ends automatically. There is a unique opportunity offered by this cloud mining company, where you are able to sell contracts back to Terabox. Before you can sell the contracts back, some holdback periods are applicable, and that depends of how frequent the payouts are. The owners of monthly payout contracts have to wait 90 days, and contracts with weekly payouts must wait 60 days before they can be sold back to Terabox.

There is an opportunity for the clients to refer new customers to sign up for cloud mining services at Terabox. 10% share from the purchased hashpower can be received via the referral program in exchange. Comparing to the other mining affiliate programs, 10% is a very good rate.

Only bitcoins are accepted in Terabox as a payment method. No other options such as wire transfers, credit cards or PayPal are available as a payment method at Terabox.

💱 Fees and Pricing Schedule

To be able to see the cloud mining contract fees, the clients first must register on Terabox. When the registration is over, you can pay for the cloud mining services. Customers have a chance to buy hashpower from 1 GH/s up to 600 000 GH/s for the cloud mining service. Take note that the less frequent the payout, the cheaper the cloud mining contract is.

The bitcoin mining contracts that consist of 1000 GH/s of mining power are priced in a range from 0.11BTC to 0.16BTC. In case of a manual contract that costs 0.16 BTC, there is a possibility to cash out the earning anytime the clients might need it. Contracts with weekly and monthly payout have the prices of 0.14 BTC and 0.11 BTC accordingly.

When a client gives the desired hashpower, it is possible to see the cost of the cloud activity with the help of a nicely built calculator at Terabox. 1 GH/s is the smallest fraction of mining power that is available for purchase.

Terabox.me Review

Terabox has four vouchers with predefined amount of 15/100/250/500 GH/s that clients are able to purchase themselves, or give someone as a gift.

1000000 GH/s is the biggest fraction of mining power:

terabox.me 1000000 GH/s

The is the amount of 2500 GH/s of mining power that is given as a special sign up bonus which you get after registration.

If within one week after registration the new client buys any amount of hashpower, then additional 2500 GH/s of mining power will be allocated by Terabox to boost earnings at the beginning.

There are also cloud mining coupons offered by this company to make clients want to sign up with them.

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Terabox.me User Experience

Terabox support team is something that they can be proud of. It is claimed on the website that the response to every query is made within 12 hours, and 1 hour is the average answer time.

Without a doubt, it is one of the fastest support options available on the market nowadays. However, if you search the Internet, you will be able to find a lot of user complaints about the fact that the support team does not answer the queries.

There are also some unsatisfied users who couldn’t cash out their earnings after a certain time from their account at Terabox.

Terabox has only one social media account on Twitter. But even this one is not updated on a regular basis. They have 250+ followers who could read only one tweet published in 2014. That was a tweet about their launch. You will not find them on any bitcoin forum either, or any other social medium.

✔️ Advantages:

Fast support.

Low fees.

Mining contracts sell back option.

❌ Disadvantages:

Not much information on the company is available.

Clients can’t select mining pools.

No social media presence.

Overall Conclusion

However, the lack of information on the company background and the missing social media presence can make users doubtful, whether Terabox is a legitimate cloud mining provider at all.

Many clients may be attracted to Terabox cloud mining company thanks to the low fees and pricing transparency. Such features as, for example, a contract sell back option and the referral program that is paying high share are worth considering without a doubt.

But it should be noted that not enough info on the company background is available online; you will not find a lot of details about Terabox on different social media. Which is why many clients are not sure whether to use its services.

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